Web marketing

Many years have passed now since I started to web marketing ed advertising techniques study, but today again I am stimulated and excited for each new project.
I am not only interested in the economic side, this service is always a new challenge: each project requires commitment, ability, imagination and perseverance.

The work takes place in three steps:

Integral, work starting from zero: I must project and design new identity for customer, that respond his philosophy and graphic taste, beginning from company logo.
Next step needs to document the sector competitiveness, as well as to estimate the chances success.
After I founds primary keywords, begin to project web architecture, after I using links and web page nominations to begin indexing work.
I will not explain details, but this helps the keywords to go up in the serp in a few months.

Una tantum is work process for all projects, and provide to develope just one work at a time, like website, logo designing and more …

I propose finally annual o biennial contract with proportional investment for hours of work per month (min. 10 hours).

you can contact me without obligation, For information and free quotes.

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